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2호점 3층

The 2nd Saraba House​

The 2nd Saraba House has 4 rooms on the Third Floor, 6 rooms on the Fourth Floor, 6 rooms on the Fifth Floor .

The Kitchen is on the 3rd floor. There is one bathroom with separate shower booth in each floor.

Yonsei University- 7 minutes by walk, Shinchon station- 4 minutes by walk

Best locations for office workers who prefer station district.

​3rd Floor

※ Click a picture to see the room number

관리비 (30,000KRW)= Maintenance Fee

공과금 (30,000KRW)= Utility Fee

보증금=Deposit, 월세=Monthly Rent

입주가능일=Move-In Date

입주완료= Occupied

입주가능= Available

전체금액​ = 월세 + 관리비 + 공과금 입니다

Total fee = Monthly rent  +  Maintenance fee  +  Utility fee


29, Yonsei-ro 5ga-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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