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How to sign a contract and move-in

Please see the process below to check the houses and sign a contract.


1. Call to make a reservation for visit




2. Kakao Talk Plus Friend Chatting Service

Click Kakao Talk Plus Friend Icon on the top right corner of the homepage.



Option #1: If you can visit Saraba House

​After the consultation with the house manager,

Check out the places and your future room!

Option #2: If you can't visit Saraba House

​After the consultation with the house manager,

you will receive information about the room of your needs.


Deposit payment

Deposit fee is 500,000 KRW 

​(If you would like to make a reservation of a room, 200,000 KRW (part of the a deposit fee) can be paid in advance

by Paypal app or Korea account transfer or cash or Wise app or

Any app that you can send money overseas immediately.)

*Reservation for the visit and reservation of a room (including down payment) are different concepts. If someone else makes a down payment on the room, the subsequent reservation for the visit could be canceled.

* The reservation fee is non-refundable, because if you cancel suddenly along the way, we lose a lot of chances to get someone else's reservation.


Sign a contract and Move-In

​Welcome to the Saraba House!

​(The Deposit + Monthly Fee should be paid when you Move-In.)

How to Move-Out

Please ensure two steps to Move-Out.


1. Leaving on the contract termination date

The manager will contact you 1 month prior to the termination of contract.

Please inform your manger if you would like to extend the contract or move-out.

2, Leaving before the contract termination

If you leave the room before the contract expires, you may not be able to get your deposit back.

(Because it takes a long time to get a new customer)

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