How to Move-In

Please see the process below to check the houses and sign a contract.


1. Call to make a reservation for visit



2. Kakao Talk Plus Friend Chatting Service

Click Kakao Talk Plus Friend Icon on the top right corner of the homepage.


Visit Saraba House

Check out the places and your future room!


Deposit payment

Deposit fee is 500,000 KRW 

​(If you would like to make a reservation of a room, 200,000 KRW (part of the a deposit fee) can be paid in advance

by Paypal or account transfer.)


Sign a contract and Move-In

​Welcome to the Saraba House!

​(The Deposit + Monthly Fee should be paid when you Move-In.)

How to Move-Out

Please ensure two steps to Move-Out.


1. Leaving on the contract termination date

The manager will contact you 1 month prior to the termination of contract.

Please inform your manger if you would like to extend the contract or move-out.

2, Leaving before the contract termination

If you leave the room before the contract expires, you may not be able to get your deposit back.

(Because it takes a long time to get a new customer)